Hello There


Well, hello! Welcome, old friends and newcomers.

I often get in the mood for new projects in early spring. Lately I’ve been thinking that I want to focus more on my various fragrance-related activities, from Now Smell This reviews to class announcements to stray observations about fragrance in our world. So, although these aren’t really new projects, I do seem to need a fresh website right now, and here we are.

I’ll be posting about three times a week, sharing my thoughts on various connections between fragrance and art, advertising, literature, fashion, and movies, as well as occasional posts about a favorite lipstick or some museum exhibition I just need to recommend. (My previous personal blog, Tinsel Creation, will remain visible. However, I won’t be updating it regularly.)

Take a quick look at my About page for more information, if you like.

I look forward to spending time together and hearing from you.


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