June Birthday

Caron Fete des Roses

Today is my birthday. It will be different from my (many) past birthdays, but my wishes are the same as always — health and happiness, not just for myself but for my loved ones too. And, as usual, I’ll be wearing a rose perfume of some kind!

I hope your day will be full of beauty, whatever you’re currently doing.


      • Thank you, Kathy!! I had some excellent gelato that comes to our local bakery from a place in Manhattan’s East Village…and tomorrow we’re going to enjoy a fresh strawberry tart from the same bakery!

        Today’s SOTD was DSH Beach Roses on my arms…a romantic but fresh summer rose. Tonight I added a single spray of F Malle Lipstick Rose on my hair!


  1. Belated birthday greetings. Remember, it’s important to consume lots of carbohydrates and fat right now in order to have enough metaphysical heft to last you until the next birthday!


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