Passing Fancies ~ November 2021

(This illustration feels about right for this week.)

Reading: The Mothers by Brit Bennett.

Video: tick, tick…Boom! on Netflix. I’m really not a contemporary-Broadway person, but I like Andrew Garfield, so I tuned in.

Audio: The podcast “Once Upon a Time…at Bennington College.”

Art: “DRIFT: Fragile Future” at The Shed.

(Tr)eats: Dried strawberries and mango slices.

Drinks: I mixed myself a nice Negroni at home just a few nights ago.

Beauty Products: Opulent Blends Long-Lasting Hand and Foot Balm (minty!). Anna Sui Lip Treatment Pen (soothing!).

Garb: It’s time to bring out my favorite leopard-spot accessories for their annual winter appearances.

Pleasures: Getting a Covid booster shot and a flu shot. Very #2021.

Plans: Keep exercising my shoulder and arm at home, now that physical therapy is done. Do some Christmas shopping. Give my first in-person talk at the Brooklyn Brainery since 2019!

Image: Theodorus van Hoytema, November, 1904. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, 2008.1860


  1. Dried strawberries are better to me than most fresh strawberries – ?? I too have my booster shot scheduled for next Saturday and glad for it. Watching: The Avengers – found a complete Diana Rigg episodes set on EBay. Time travel time to 1960’s… For Friday after Thanksgiving: thank you Jessica for your blog and your classes!


    • Ah, Diana Rigg as Emma Peel! I need to find some of those original episodes.

      Thank *you,* K, for all the support and good cheer you’ve shared over the past year!!


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