Vanities: Jo Stafford (1946)


This photo of the jazz singer Jo Stafford originally appeared in Down Beat magazine’s July 29, 1946 issue. It was taken by photographer William P. Gottlieb and its caption in Down Beat read:

“This intimate shot of singer Jo Stafford, taken in her dressing room by Bill Gottlieb, reflects Jo not once, but twice, as well as the innumerable bottles of perfume and make-up necessary for her stage appearances. It would seem that Jo is a collector of exotic perfumes, from the assortment on her dressing table.”

So, what are those perfumes?

Here’s a list of the ones I’ve been able to identify so far. I’ll update if I figure out any others!

Schiaparelli Shocking
Corday Toujours Moi (circular bottle in front)
Lulien LeLong Taglio (in front of Buddda figure)
Lilly Daché Drifting (with name on cap)
D’Orsay Intoxication (two bottles, at right)
Prince Matchabelli (two crown-shaped bottles, not sure which fragrances they were because the bottles were color-coded!)

WordPress won’t let me embed videos here—otherwise, I’d share one of Stafford’s hits. here. Instead, I suggest doing a search for her recordings of “You Belong to Me” or “I’ll Be Seeing You.”

The Pied Pipers in 1944: Charles Lowry, Jo Stafford, Clark Yocum, and John Huddleston


Obviously Ms. Stafford smelled as wonderful as she sounded.

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