Nose News: Men’s Fragrance in INVERSE


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Recommended reading: this article about the gendering of men’s fragrances, written by Greta Moran for INVERSE, titled “Why Men Are Realizing That Smelling Like a Desert Rose Isn’t Half Bad.”

Greta spoke with me when she was researching this piece and I really enjoyed our conversation. (I’m mentioned about halfway through.) It’s a timely topic and I appreciate the fact that she spoke with individuals involved in different aspects of fragrance.

Image: St. John’s Bay Rum advertisement, 1967.

The Art of Perfume Advertising: Myrurgia and Tamara de Lempicka

Sometimes an advertisement is all we can know of a discontinued perfume. This is the case (for me, at least) for Natural de Myrurgia, a fragrance released by the Spanish house Myrurgia in 1982.

Myrurgia is best known for its classic Maja, still available worldwide, but all I’ve been able to learn about Natural comes from a page on the Fragrantica database, which describes Natural as a floral-chypre composition of sandalwood, patchouli, musk, violet, jasmine, pink peony, bergamot, and rose. The page also includes an ad for Natural de Myrurgia. The photo is too small and too low-resolution for me to read its text, but its imagery is clear enough…

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