June Birthday



Caron Fete des Roses

Today is my birthday. It will be different from my (many) past birthdays, but my wishes are the same as always — health and happiness, not just for myself but for my loved ones too. And, as usual, I’ll be wearing a rose perfume of some kind!

I hope your day will be full of beauty, whatever you’re currently doing.

Screen Time: The Devil Wears Prada


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Devil Prada Meryl

“That is all.”

One night last week I rewatched The Devil Wears Prada (dir. David Frankel, 2006). It’s been a while. I needed a laugh and I figured I’d enjoy seeing some Manhattan locations that I haven’t been able to visit in over three months.

I also remembered that the movie includes a few cameo appearances by perfumes (which makes sense, for a story that takes place at a glossy fashion-and-beauty magazine). …

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Pandemic Perfume Diaries (Week 13)


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Pino Nice

The weather is perfect “summer” in my corner of the world right now — warm (in the 70s) but not too humid, sunny and a little breezy. I wish Mr. Professor and I could take a day trip to Asbury Park or Coney Island, but since we’re both avoiding crowds and mass transit, that’s not something we’ll be doing anytime soon.

I dabbled in some beach-y perfumes last week, just to give myself an olfactory mini-vacation.

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Vanities: Hattie McDaniel at her dressing table


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Screen Shot 2020-06-11 at 1.56.15 PM

via Los Angeles Times Photo Collection, UCLA

The London Cosmetics Museum just posted this photograph of actress Hattie McDaniel (1893-1952) in their Instagram feed, to commemorate McDaniel’s birthday.

I’ve never seen this image before, and I love it — especially now that I’ve read the original caption assigned to it by the Los Angeles Times: “‘God first, my work next — and a man last!’ That’s Hattie McDaniel, who’s free, forty, and famous.”

And what’s that perfume on her dressing table?

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