Upcoming Classes: Modern Women/Artists at Think Olio


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Peggy Bacon, “Model in the Bellows Class,” 1918. Museum of Modern Art 3.2012

On Friday, June 16, I’ll be teaching a class titled “Four (More) Modern Women: O’Keeffe’s Contemporaries” for Think Olio. I’m pretty excited about the location of this class: the rare book room at the Strand Bookstore! Get more details and register here.

Perfume and Art: “Sara Berman’s Closet” at the Met


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Have you ever visited someone’s home and wished you could peek into his or her closet? It’s ok; I won’t tell.

The temporary installation “Sara Berman’s Closet” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art gives us that opportunity, in a staged yet subtly effective way. It’s a recreation of the closet of one woman who lived alone in Greenwich Village from 1982 through 2004, and who happened to be the mother of artist Maira Kalman.

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