Upcoming Classes: Perfume, Art, and Advertising at Think Olio


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Next month, I’ll be giving a presentation on the longstanding relationship between art history and perfume advertising, hosted by Think Olio at J-Walk in Manhattan. If you’re free at 7 pm on Wednesday, July 19th, and this subject intrigues you, consider joining us! Mixed drinks will be served.

You can find details and a registration link on the Think Olio website.

Jazz Age Perfumes at the Cooper-Hewitt


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IMG_20170608_165307194.jpgLast week I took a “busman’s holiday” and spent an afternoon going to museums. The Cooper-Hewitt was on my list because I wanted to catch the temporary exhibition The “Jazz Age: American Style in the 1920s.”

I had already happily wandered through rooms and rooms of radios, jewelry, textiles, architectural renderings, and furniture, when I spied a small but rich selection of perfume bottles. Here are my snapshots…They’re not great, but they give an idea of what I saw.

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