Back on My Feet?




Nine weeks after falling and breaking my ankle, I’m about to venture back into the world! I’m still wearing an ugly “walking boot,” but I’m ready to return to work part-time and to make outings to destinations other than physical therapy and the orthopedist’s office. In this spirit, I’m sharing a favorite contemporary (or, at least, recent) perfume bottle: the “Stepping Out” edition of Caswell Massey’s CASMA.

Enjoy your week!

The Art of Perfume Ads: Agent Provocateur L’Agent (2011) (with asides on Calvin Klein and Katy Perry)


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agent provocateur agent ad

Agent Provocateur has released a few good fragrances over the past decade or so, although its most recent release (Fatale) was very disappointing. I like the original Agent Provocateur scent, and Maitresse; I know that L’Agent also has some fans. I don’t think the collection is very heavily advertised in the United States, however, because I don’t remember seeing this advertisement when L’Agent was launched in 2011.

It’s a surprisingly stark and gloomy-looking ad for a women’s perfume. There’s a bit of cleavage, but nowhere near as much as we see in other perfume ads from L’Agent Provocateur (it’s a lingerie company, after all!)—and the chess board gives the image a cerebral twist…

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Vintage Perfumes: A Photo for Black Friday


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Vogue Perfume 1934 .png

It’s Black Friday—are you out shopping? I might be doing a little online shopping for scented treats later today.

I just wanted to share this glamorous photograph from VOGUE, dated December 15, 1934 (the middle of the Great Depression, no less!). The photographers were Peter Nyholm and John Phillips and the image was titled “A Collection of Christmas Gifts.”

I can see perfumes and other fragranced indulgences from Chanel, Guerlain (Jicky soap!), Millot, Lucien LeLong, Jean Patou, Lenthéric, Molinelle, Weil, Richard Hudnut, and others. Something for everyone on even the fanciest Christmas list of 1934!

Perfumed Pages: “An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving”


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“November had come; the crops were in, and barn, buttery, and bin were overflowing with the harvest that rewarded the summer’s hard work. The big kitchen was a jolly place just now, for in the great fireplace roared a cheerful fire; on the walls hung garlands of dried apples, onions, and corn; up aloft from the beams shone crook-necked squashes, juicy hams, and dried venison—for in those days deer still haunted the deep forests, and hunters flourished. Savory smells were in the air; on the crane hung steaming kettles, and down among the red embers copper saucepans simmered, all suggestive of some approaching feast.”

— Louisa May Alcott, “An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving” (1882)

And now, a word from our sponsor (just kidding!): Downy Unstoppables


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I haven’t had the energy to blog over the past few days, but here’s something I found amusing. (Of course it’s not actually from a sponsor. This site doesn’t have any ads or even any affiliate links! #keepingitreal)

I would never buy this product, but I love Tituss Burgess as the character Titus Andromedon in “The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” so…here’s his commercial for Downy Unstoppable In-Wash Scent Booster Beads, tiny colorful orbs that you pour into your washing machine to add even more synthetic smells to your laundry.

They’re “available in a variety of paparazzi-attracting scents—Fresh, Shimmer, Lush, Spring, Glow, Dreams, and Mist.” No thanks, but I do like the way Tituss’s shirt incorporates a dot pattern that complements the Unstoppable beads—“For a Fresh Too Feisty to Quit.”