Passing Fancies ~ May 2017


Reading: The Sell-Out by Paul Beatty

Video: “The Handmaid’s Tale” on Hulu

Audio: The “S-Town” podcast from NPR

Art: “Irving Penn: Centennial” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Drink:  Pret à Manger Ginger Beer

Eats & Treats: I ate all the local specialities on a recent visit to St. Louis: barbeque, “gooey butter cake,” and “toasted ravioli.”

Garb: Just had some favorite black boots resoled…even though it’s almost sandal season.

Beauty Products: ColourPop Blotted Lip lip color in Drip ($5!)

Pleasure: A day in the Hudson River Valley with a visit to the historic Lyndhurst mansion

Worry: Weird ongoing airsickness after above-mentioned flight to St. Louis. It seems to be tapering off, though.



  1. Ahhh this post reminded me that I bookmarked a recipe for gooey butter cake quite a while ago, and never made it! (I’ve also never tased it before, so I don’t know how it tastes-did you like it?). Hope the airsickness wears off quickly!


    • I did like it! Its texture reminded me of lemon squares, but its flavor is just pure butter and sugar!! At least, that’s the “original” version. I went to a cafe that had many other varieties—chocolate chip, cranberry walnut, etc. etc.!

      I think my inner ears got messed up on the plant…decongestants finally seemed to help. Ugh! Thanks!


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