Passing Fancies ~ June 2017


Reading: Just started Tana French’s The Trespasser, thanks to my generous book-lending friend C.!

Video: Just finished The Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu.

Audio: For some reason I’ve had 1990s Madonna running through my head (and on my laptop) for weeks. I think my friend Joe may be to blame.

Art: “Jazz Age America” at the Cooper-Hewitt

Drink:  Iced coffee. Maybe I’ll brew some iced tea too.

Eats & Treats: Strawberries from the farmesr market, freshly picked cherries from our own tree

Garb: Black short-sleeved dresses accessorized with new scarves from Anna Sui and the Metropolitan Museum of Art clearance shop and new black Dansko sandals

Beauty Products: I just rediscovered a Besamé lipstick (I thought I’d lost it ages ago!) at the back of a drawer. They were doing matte lips long before it was a trend.

Pleasure: Getting past a deadline or three. Late sunsets. Mr. Prof’s exciting plans for fall.

Worry: The delayed but brutal onslaught of summer heat and humidity.

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