Passing Fancies ~ July 2017


Reading: After listening to a re-broadcast of Studio 360’s “American Icons: The Great Gatsby” on WNYC, I’m re-visiting this classic for the umpteenth time. Summer reading in the best and truest sense.

Video: I’m finally watching “Homeland,” a few years later than the rest of the world. Enjoying it very much.

Audio: Anna Sui’s playlists on Spotify

Art: For me, this has been the summer of Florine Stettheimer at the Jewish Museum.

Drink:  Iced coffee made with my Toddy filter and carafe.

Eats & Treats: Fresh corn on the cob, as often as possible

Garb: New cheap-and-chic sunglasses from & Other Stories

Beauty Products: ILIA Beauty Tinted Lip Conditioner SPF in Kokomo. Love it, despite the name. Also, a sample of Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow: very subtle highlighting without the “Instagram face” effect.

Pleasure: Botanical garden visits. New thoughts about possible classes and presentations for the fall.

Worry: Our sweet older cat’s health issues. Please send a healing thought her way.

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