Passing Fancies ~ November 2017


Reading: Jeffrey Eugenides’s short story collection, Fresh Complaint

Video: The second season of Stranger Things and both seasons of The Good Place. I’m still basically housebound, and TV is my friend!

Audio: Lots of Spotify playlists, heavy on the 70s and 80s. Looking forward to Bjork’s new album.


Art: The recent death of pioneering art historian Linda Nochlin inspired me to go back and read some of her essays on women artists (still a timely topic).

Drink: A thoughtful friend recently gifted me with some coffee from NJ’s own Rook Coffee…so good!

Eats & Treats: Lately, um, chocolate croissants. Mood-elevating.

Garb: Still rocking my glamourous home-with-a-broken-ankle look, but now that autumn has finally arrived, I’ve added a big Norwegian wool sweater over the yoga pants and t-shirts and single sneaker.

Beauty Products: See above…but there have been a few “minimal makeup” days involving H is for Love Lip Glacé (a natural tinted lip balm) and IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream (works like a sheer foundation on me)

Pleasure: I have two new projects in the works… one art history-related, one perfume-related. Fingers crossed, and more details to come.

Worry: Learning to walk on two feet again. Wish me luck with the ongoing healing and eventual physical therapy!


I hope your own November has been peaceful and productive.

One comment

  1. I’m so sorry about your ankle, Jessica, being laid up like that is miserable. You will get through this even though it feels like an eternity, and PT might make you feel a bit homicidal but there’s stuff they do for pain relief along with getting you moving, just do everything they tell you. In the past few years I’ve had to have surgery on both sides of one ankle to repair torn ligaments (I fell), total knee replacement (arthritis, other leg), had gallbladder surgery and this year, two surgeries to repair a dislocated toe from another fall (I’m a klutz) – the first surgery didn’t take due to arthritis so second surgery removed the joint completely. Every one of these things happened in the summer/early fall. Hang in there, there is an end to what you’re going through. I would suggest splurging on a really nice hand cream and/or lip balm as another treat 🙂 hugs


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