Passing Fancies ~ December 2017


Reading: Nathan Hill, The Nix (a loan from my friend T)

Video: Season 2 of The Crown

Audio: David Bowie’s Young Americans

Art: I’ve fallen so far behind on my museum-going lately. I really want to see the Toyin Ojih Otudola and Laura Owens shows at the Whitney, now that I’m mobile again.

Drink: The other day I had a cup of mango-rose green tea that I actually really liked, and I’m not normally a green tea person.

Eats & Treats: So much candy. Bad, I know. ‘Tis the season.

Garb: Back in real shoes, at least flat ankle boots, now that I’ve returned to the workplace! So good to be out of my giant black plastic-and-velcro “CAM walker boot.”

Beauty Products: A fancy “green” lipstick—KOSAS Rosewater. And fancy “green” skincare from H is for Love.

Pleasure:  Publishing an article about the perfumer Ann Haviland on Atlas Obscura.

Worry:  Darkness at 5 pm. I’m looking forward to later sunsets, post-solstice! Every little bit of light helps my mood.

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