I’ve been purchasing products by The Lucky HoneyBee since the 2012 holiday season, so I’ve had plenty of time to get to know the HoneyBee herself, Melissa Buesing. I was very happy when she recently set up a new studio right here in Jersey City, because I’d be able to shop very locally. And when she invited me to teach a class or workshop in the studio one Saturday this winter, I was delighted.


On February 3, Melissa opened her studio doors and hosted my class on “Sensual Scents,” an introduction to six fragrance notes (in the form of high-quality essential oils) that have romantic histories and/or have been considered aphrodisiacs for centuries. Because, while I’m not interested in generic lists of “TOP 10 SEXY PERFUMES TO DRIVE MEN WILD,” I’m fascinated by fragrance history and the longstanding links between scent and seduction.


My presentation combined perfume history with references to art history, literature, and popular culture. We worked our way through the six natural essences, and as we smelled them we learned how they’d been used and admired over time, and how they’ve inspired writers and artists.


This was the first time I’ve incorporated edible treats into a class, and I think the assorted drinks and sweets were a hit. I chose them to accompany the notes we’d just smelled, almost like food-and-wine “pairings.” Plus, the food gave us a chance to mingle and chat after we’d finished the more structured portion of the class.


Attendees also had a chance to shop afterwards, with a nice discount offered for the day. I was eyeing these beautiful soaps that were curing off to one side, but they weren’t ready for purchase yet. Maybe on my next visit…

Many thanks again to Melissa of The Lucky HoneyBee for hosting and organizing this event, and to the lovely people who attended!

Second and third photos courtesy of The Lucky HoneyBee.