Year of the Dog 2018


This week marks the lunar New Year, and in the Chinese calendar, it’s the Year of the Dog. What better time, I thought, to remind you that Oh My Dog! fragrance still exists?

Oh My Dog! was launched by the Paris-based brand Dog Generation in 2000 and, yes, it’s a perfume for dogs. It was “tested under the supervision of veterinarians and dermatologists” and it’s described as “unisex.”


If you’ve been thinking that your canine friend could use a little olfactory enhancement, maybe you should treat him or her to an astrologically appropriate gift of Oh My Dog!.

Incidentally, one of Dog Generation’s co-founders, Étienne de Swardt, is better-known to aromaphiles as the man behind État Libre d’Orange and its provocatively named perfumes (for people).

Wishing each one of you, whether hound or human, a happy and lucky New Year.

Images: Dog Generation website

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