Nose News: The Perfumed Plume Awards


Last fall, I was all but housebound with a broken ankle for many weeks. I was able to do a bit of office work remotely every morning, but other than that, I was feeling tired and uncomfortable and I just wasn’t up for anything that took extended concentration, including most TV and most reading. One notable exception: I spent some time working on an article idea that I’d had over the summer and I pitched it to Atlas Obscura. They liked my proposal, and I spent the rest of November and early December—between physical therapy appointments—doing the research and writing for my article titled “Ann Haviland, Forgotten Mastermind of the Signature Scent.”

I’m happy to be able to announce that my article is now a finalist in the annual Perfumed Plume Awards for Fragrance Journalism. (You can read the complete list of finalists here; I’m in the Digital Media category.) I’m acquainted with a few of my fellow finalists (the world of perfume obsession is a small one) and I’m proud to be in their good-smelling company.


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