Passing Fancies ~ January 2019

MFA Janvier.jpg

Reading: Emma Baxter-Wright, The Little Book of Schiaparelli. Andy Warhol, The Philosophy of Andy Warhol.

Audio: All the songs from Lerner & Loewe’s My Fair Lady, after seeing the revival at Lincoln Center two weeks ago

Art: It’s all Frida Kahlo all the time right now.

Video: Parfum (Perfume), the new Netflix thriller series

Eats & Treats: One of my 2019 resolutions: healthy lunches. I have a Daily Harvest subscription and it’s working out well so far. (Curious? If you join DH before 1/31 using the referral code RE-B2AV9ML, you’ll get three free cups as an intro. I’ll get three free cups too! Just want to be clear about that, since I never do affiliate links.)

Drink: Coffee made with beans from The Sensuous Bean. Also, coffee-almond smoothies from Daily Harvest…see above.  😉

Garb: New earmuffs from Nirvanna Designs. Layers and layers of black (duh). A SNUG LIFE t-shirt (Christmas gift from Mr. PP). It’s winter.


Beauty Products: Carol’s Daughter Cactus Rose Water shampoo and conditioner (sulfate-free and silicone-free…smells good, too!)

Pleasure: The three-day weekend just gave me a chance to work on all my “extra-curricular” projects that are due SOON VERY SOON

Worry: See “Pleasure,” above!

Image: January. Circa 1900. Chromolithograph with metallic pigment on card stock. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Leonard A. Lauder Postcard Archive—Gift of Leonard A. Lauder. 2012.6843.1


  1. I’ll be curious to hear your thoughts on Perfume after you’ve finished watching it. I started reading the Suskind book after finishing the show. I’ve been meaning to read it for years and am loving it.


    • I’ve read the Suskind novel and then re-read it and still loved it! I might need to read it yet again after watching this show. Only halfway through right now…my goodness, it’s NOT suitable for everyone…but I like the thriller aspects of it and the weird “Secret History” vibe of the teens’ friendship.


      • Oh yeah, totally a Secret History friend group vibe. Another amazing book. Luckily I have a high tolerance, though the show is very explicit and dark, definitely not everyone’s cup of tea.

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