Quick Hello and a Sneak Peek…


The past week has been particularly busy at work and beyond, but I’ve still had perfume on my mind. Here’s a sneak peek at the newest fragrance from Anna Sui, which I sniffed last night at the designer’s boutique in SoHo. It’s called Fantasia Mermaid and it’s a follow-up to 2017’s Fantasia, with a similar bottle topped by a mermaid. (Fantasia’s cap featured a golden unicorn.) I sampled a quick spritz during my visit and my initial impression was that Mermaid is very different from its older “sister.”…

Also pictured: La Nuit de Bohème (in the black rose bottle) and L’Amour Rose (with pink bow), two of my favorites from the line.

Fantasia Mermaid is currently exclusive to the Anna Sui boutique, if I’m not mistaken, but will be launched worldwide in April. I’m sure we’ll announce it and give further details soon on Now Smell This!

Both photos by me, taken under tricky lighting with my subpar phone camera!


  1. I enjoyed seeing this display, and I look forward to the launch. I don’t think I have ever tested any Anna Sui perfumes, but she always strikes me as a fun and creative designer. I am confused by the clunky and very earthbound blue platform shoes planted next to the delicate bottles however… I think they’re just hideous. Sorry, Anna!


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