Throwback Thursday: An Interview in “Inside Jersey” (2012)

Funny, how time flies. I was recently updating some of my background information here on the blog, and I remembered an interview that I gave to a reporter for the Star-Ledger (based in Newark, New Jersey) a long time ago. Since it only appeared in print, in the December 2012 issue of Inside Jersey, I was never able to link to it. However, I’ve tracked it down via and saved a PDF of the article…

It’s a tiny time-capsule of the perfume scene six-plus years ago, and the changes (and constants) are fun to note. The wave of celebrity scents has finally died down, although flankers (and flankers of flankers) still crowd the shelves at Sephora. Some of the “new” releases mentioned within the piece are still going strong (La Vie Est Belle!) while others have quietly faded away (Donna Karan Woman; too bad). When the reporter, Vicki Hyman, asked me for some “if you like this, you’ll like that” pairings, I made sure to include a few niche lines. Guess what the biggest news in the fragrance world has been for the past five years? Yes—the success of niche perfume brands.

Also kind of funny? As part of some analogy I was making, I joked about the Spiderman movie franchise…and now we’re witnessing yet another permutation of it.

Anyway…if you’re curious about the interview, you can read a PDF of it here.

Image: Coach Love was launched in December 2012. Remember? No, me neither.

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