Régime des Fleurs x Chloë Sevigny: Little Flower Perfume Launch at Dover Street Market

Regime des Fleurs Little Flower.png

This week brought a new perfume launch from the niche house of Régime des Fleurs: Little Flower, a collaboration with actor and style icon Chloë Sevigny. The fragrance is inspired by the rose, Chloë’s favorite flower.

I’ve admired Chloë’s work — and her taste in fashion, design, and fragrance — since the 90s, and I’m a rose-perfume-lover, so I didn’t want to miss the launch event at Dover Street Market’s Manhattan location.

Here are a few of my photos from the event…


Dover Street is intimidating in some ways — it feels more like a gallery for contemporary fashion than an actual store! — but the staff are friendly and welcoming. I highly recommend a visit! (I wrote a post about DSM for Now Smell This a while back.)


Chloë signed my bottle of Little Flower and I took her photo as she was doing it. This shot gives you a good look at her denim bustier and dotted Swiss blouse, her red lipstick (she has a custom color from La Bouche Rouge), and her gold-and-pearl earrings. (The pearls are very on-point for the Little Flower bottle.)

We exchanged a few words. And she complimented my necklace! (Life moment.)

I loved her wrist corsage made from a vintage hankie, picot-edge velvet ribbon, and real  flowers. (Edited to add: it was created by Joshua Werber.)


This is one of the flower arrangements placed throughout the store’s first floor in honor of the occasion. This is a perfect visual representation of Little Flower, with those dusty pink roses surrounded by delicate white and purple blooms.


Here’s Chloë chatting with a friend at her table. (I like the very un-staged face she’s making.) The woman in yellow is Alia Raza of Régime des Fleurs. The woman in pale blue is Chloë’s mother, Janine! She dressed to match the Little Flower label.


Before I left Dover Street Market I photographed my new bottle of Little Flower from above, with a peek at my favorite shoes included. I tried to dress up a little for the event!

Little Flower signed.jpg

And here’s the bottle again, at home. It reads, “to Jessica, ♥️x Chloë Sevigny.”

I’m wearing the fragrance today and I’ll be reviewing it on Now Smell This soon. Stay tuned…

Image: top photo via Régime des Fleurs. All other photos taken by me.


  1. You are obviously a much more composed, mature person than I am. She’s one of those figures that I would get so excited about seeing that I would somehow make a fool of myself. Meanwhile, spiffy shoes!


    • It helped that the DSM staff were very calm and friendly in keeping the whole thing moving alone, and the Regime des Fleurs founders are super-nice. I think I was a little effusive/garbled at first with CS! But then it was easier to exchange a few words about perfume. I complimented her corsage. And she complimented my necklace (!!!) so that was a life moment for me!


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