Meunier MFA.jpg

Reading: Jeannette Walls’s The Glass Castle, picked up from the book swap pile at work.

Audio: Some disco playlists, to get ready for a project at work

Video: Parasite. And the last few episodes of The Good Place. I really loved this show.


Everything is fine.

Eats & Treats: Halo oranges.

Drink: Every evening, a glass of water with a shot of Vermont Village Sipping Vinegar.

Garb: Thermal pajamas with little skulls all over them. Creepy-cute and cozy.

Beauty Products: LUSH Almond Blossom Shower Gel.

Pleasure: Friends whose random mid-day texts make me laugh.

Plans: Listen to more disco. Go for more lunchtime walks. Write a few check-in emails to former mentors.

Image: Henri Meunier, January. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. M15514.2