Meunier March.jpg

Reading: A collection of Fran Lebowitz essays that I haven’t read in a while, for comic relief.

Audio: The news. Too much news. And a disco playlist that a colleague created for Spotify, to clear my mind afterwards.

Video: “Schitt’s Creek”…more welcome comic relief.

Eats & Treats: Stella d’Oro cookies. Halo oranges. Bread from our local French bakery, since we’re avoiding the supermarket for a while.

Drink: Gin & tonics during phone- and video-chats with friends.

Garb: Black Uniqlo pants and flowy folklore-ish blouses, for comfort.


Beauty Products: Hand sanitizers are the new must-have products, right?! I’m using up an EO French Lavender gel and starting to use a “sanitizing perfume” from Orris Perfumery — effective as any mass-market sanitizer, but it smells much better!

Pleasure: Sleeping a little later. Spending more time with the cats (and Mr. Professor, of course!). Not commuting, although I do miss my workplace.

Plans: Stay on track with working-from-home, while using the “extra” (non-commute) time to exercise and blog more often. *sigh*

What are you doing to cope with the “new normal”? Feel free to share!

Image: Henri Meunier, March. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. M15514.3