Pandemic Perfume Diaries (Week 9)


Thank you for your kind anniversary wishes last week!! I hope you’ve found some happy memories and future wish-plans of your own to enjoy over the past few days.

Other than my nostalgic dip into Caron Bellodgia, what have I been wearing lately…?

MCMC Maine

MCMC Maine

Mr. Professor and I usually spend an (off-season) anniversary weekend at the beach and I wear some appropriate shore-inspired fragrances while we’re there. One of my favorites is MCMC Maine, so I pulled it out one day last week.

I mentioned Maine once on Now Smell This, calling it “a serene evocation of sea air, driftwood, and beach roses.”


Arquiste Misfit

Speaking of nostalgia and the passing of time. . . I’ve been trying to write a review of this fragrance since February. Once I finally figured out why I was struggling, I was able to finish it.

You can read the review here, on Now Smell This.

Ormonde Jayne Taif

Ormonde Jayne Ta’if

Spicy rose of the week! I’ve gone through a couple sample vials of Ta’if yet somehow I never quite need to own a full bottle. It’s stunning, just not 100% “me.” Well, that’s what samples are for!

Robin reviewed it on NST ages ago.

AS Saturday

Arielle Shoshana Saturday

Sometimes I just need to dab on a perfume that makes me smile, and Saturday is one of those. It’s a joyous, sweet-and-tangy fruit-bomb in the most fun bottle.

(Disclaimer: Ari of Arielle Shoshana is a longtime frag-friend of mine!)

Robin enjoys Saturday too; see here.


Guerlain Chamade

And a classic to round things out: Chamade (1969), an aldehydic mossy-green floral. I’ve owned my bottle for over a decade and I return to it every spring.

(Come to think of it, 1969 wasn’t a particularly calm or “ordinary” time, either.)

Angela, our vintage-perfume guru, wrote about it for NST.

What have you been wearing? And how are you feeling this week?




  1. Hi !
    I love Chamade by Guerlaine too.
    I notice that you have had your bottle for over a decade.

    Does fragrance change with age ?
    Is there an optimum time when we should use fragrances, or does time not matter ?

    Thanks for your help.🌷

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Sally! Chamade is such a great perfume.

      I’ve always kept my Chamade in a cupboard with the door closed, and it still smells wonderful. Most of my perfumes have lasted well this way, especially the well-made ones like classic Guerlains! With other perfumes, sometimes I’ll notice that the topnotes smell different after a few years, but it depends on the scent. And sometimes it will smell “off” on my skin for a few minutes but then smell better when it dries down.

      Basically, it can vary, but with proper storage, good perfumes can last for many, many years!

      Liked by 1 person

    • I have such fun looking for ads to use! For this series, I’m trying to find images with multiple bottles and a woman considering/enjoying them.


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