Pandemic Perfume Diaries (Week 14)

Fruit Deip Colognes 1973

Summer has arrived and I’ve been pulling out some bottles and samples of fruity fragrances for physical and mental relief from the sudden humidity. Here are a few that I enjoyed last week…

Clarins EdJ

Clarins Eau des Jardins

I’ve owned my bottle of Eau des Jardins for a decade (!) and it still smells great. It’s also a good complement to the gin-and-tonics with splashes of pomegranate juice that I’ve been making at home.

You can read my review on Now Smell This, here.

Screen Shot 2020-06-20 at 4.17.43 PMArielle Shoshana Sunday

This passionfruit-themed collab between D.C.-area fragrance boutique Arielle Shoshana (disclosure: founded by my buddy Ari) and perfumer Cécile Hua is ripe with fun. Its colorway and bottle design suit it perfectly!

Robin loved it; you can read her NST review here.

K+J Bouquet

Kelly + Jones Bouquet

When the temperatures rise, I also start craving fruitier wines, beers, iced teas, you name it. This wine-inspired citrusy floral is tart and refreshing, just like a summer drink should be.

I reviewed Bouquet and its siblings Vigne and Terroir for Now Smell This last year.



I’m not even sure whether Yosh Han’s U4EAAH! (say it out loud!) is available these days, but I still own a couple of sample vials and it always makes me smile. This fragrance is an overflowing bowl of pear, cucumber, aloe, and pomegranate, with a few water lilies in the background.

I like this interview with Yosh, here.

Byredo Rose NoirByredo Rose Noir

I wore Rose Noir constantly around 2014-2016; I don’t reach for it quite as often nowadays, but I really like the way its grapefruit and rose notes “bloom” against their patchouli background in the heat.

I mentioned it in this round-up on NST.

Are you currently indulging in any favorite fruity fragrances? Let us all know!



  1. I haven’t yet, but I sense that coming on, lol! It has suddenly gotten very hot and humid here. I’m not a huge fan of fruity fragrances, but I love Un Jardin Sur le Nil’s fruit notes with everything else going on in that fragrance.


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