Pandemic Perfume Diaries (Week 20)

When I started this series, I thought, “It will be interesting to see what perfumes I choose to wear over the next few weeks while I’m temporarily working from home!” Four and a half months later, I’m in shock that things are still as bad as they are. And I haven’t gone back to the office yet, and probably won’t—on a full-time schedule, at least—until 2021.

Long story short: I think I’m going to shift this series to monthly updates, rather than weekly updates. I’ll still be pulling out old favorites, trying new things, retrying fragrances I reviewed a while ago, digging into my boxes of random samples—and I hope you’ll continue to join me!

But here’s one last weekly diary to round off July 2020…roses, for old time’s sake!

Diptyque Eau Rose

I own a travel-size roll-on of this fresh, shampoo-y rose fragrance, and I may buy a full bottle someday…maybe even the limited edition packaging pictured above, if I don’t wait too long.

I reviewed Eau Rose for Now Smell This when it was released…see here for my post about it.

Viktor & Rolf Magic Dancing Roses

Roses with a cherry on top. A fun mainstream pick. I’m not a big V&R fan, in general, but some of the fragrances in the Magic series are really enjoyable and still cost less than many niche perfumes.

Here’s my review on NST.

Van Cleef & Arpels Collection Extraordinaire Rose Velours

When I really like a fragrance from a mainstream or semi-mainstream brand, it’s possibly doomed. It may turn out to be expensive to keep producing, or it has some ingredient that’s about to be restricted, or it’s too off-trend to attract an audience…who knows why.

In any case, this one is gone. I’ll use the rest of my mini-bottle sparingly…

You can read my NST review here.

Tadashi Shoji Eau de Rose

I only happened to hear about Tadashi Shoji Eau de Rose because their marketing rep contacted me directly and sent me a sample. It’s gorgeous. It’s also marked waaay down, so grab it while you can (see VC&A Rose Velours, above).

Here’s my review on Now Smell This.

Les Parfums de Rosine Secrets de Rose

This saffon- and plum-tinged y rose is one of my favorites from Rosine, and Rosine is one of my first favorite niche houses. Plus, a black tassel!

I tried it for NST years and years ago; see here.

Other than Diptyque Rose, these aren’t particularly summery roses; they’re just ones that I felt like revisiting while I was hiding inside to avoid the heat wave.

Have you been wearing any rose-y perfumes or body products lately? Let us know!


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