Passing Fancies ~ September 2020

I just realized that I’ve barely written anything here over the past month. There are a few reasons for my lapse in blogging. . . the (very complicated) reopening of my workplace, a short vacation (our first in almost a year), literal and metaphorical headaches over various project deadlines, and lots of prep for my upcoming “Making Scents of Studio 54” talk.

Maybe October will feel a little less pressured! In any case, here’s a belated “currently” post…

Reading: Erasure by Percival Everett.

Audio: The disco playlist I’ve been compiling for my Studio 54 talk.

Video: Van der Walk, a British series about a detective team in Amsterdam. Just ok, but I’ve been enjoying the filming locations, including a few scenes inside the Rijksmuseum.

Bird with figs. Fresco detail in Villa Poppea (Villa Oplontis), Torre Annunziata, Italy (circa 50-25 B.C.E.)

(Tr)eats: Maybe I’ve actually been too busy eating over the past month to blog much, come to think of it. We were especially excited about all the figs on our fig tree. This was the first year we had extras to share.

Drink: I tried the “Dalgona coffee” thing that was big on TikTok months ago. Hey, it’s a cheap thrill.

Garb: I’m always happy to get back into my boots. Plus, I recently scored a vintage-y Josie Natori/Saks Fifth Avenue kimono at a consignment/vintage shop.

Beauty Products: NYC Nights nail polish from Karma Organics. (I got mine at The Lucky Honeybee in Jersey City, my new favorite local shop!)

Pleasure: A few off-season days and nights at the beach.

Plans: Once I’m past the big date of my Studio 54 talk and I have my weekends back again, make some socially distanced coffee dates with local friends.

Image: Henri Meunier, September. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. M15514.10

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