Passing Fancies ~ November 2020

Wishing all of you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving as we move into the winter of this very strange year…

Please feel free to share your own current obsessions in the comments!

Reading: Elena Ferrante’s The Lying Life of Adults

Video: The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix

Audio: ‘Tis the season for Nick Drake, Bob Dylan, Lloyd Cole…moody, broody guys all around.

(Tr)eats: Some really incredible chestnut-and-bean soup from a local bakery-restaurant

Drinks: I recently enjoyed a cocktail that involved rosemary-infused tequila, pear juice, and St. Germain. It may be my last outdoors-dining drink for a while, so I really savored it (and the company of my fellow-drinker).

Garb: I now own two mask-chains. If there’s any new opportunity for a fashion accessory, I will seize it.

Beauty Products: Tarte Cosmetics just had a big sale. I like their “Foundcealer” (despite the dumb name), their stick concealer, and their brow gel. Got to keep up appearances on Zoom…

Pleasures: New collaborations. Old friends. Some good news that Mr. Professor recently received: a contract for his second book!

Plans: Decorate for Christmas over Thanksgiving weekend. Maybe actually send out some Christmas cards this year, for the first time in a few years…? Who knows!

Image: Henri Meunier, November. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. M15514.12


  1. I started the Queens Gambit and liked the first three.. Will see how it goes. We do some wine tasting at home with an insta livestream on Dec, 4th. This will be hopefully fun. And I finally bought an advent wreath for sunday


    • I don’t have NetFlix, but I am going to look up trailers for Queens Gambit. It seems very popular. Virtual events do have a certain charm, and I would definitely like a wine-tasting – sante!


      • There *is* an odd charm to virtual events…the chat function can be really fun, and there’s something cozy about seeing people in their own little “screens” at their own homes!


  2. Treats: I am going to make chestnut and bean soup before the year is out. That sounds perfect, and yes Google had several recipes!

    Garb: Our office provided mask lanyards (in company colors with our logo) which I thought was very nice and useful.

    Video: Dr. Zhivago. What a great cast. I am going to feel guilty until I read the novel, though, because my secret snootiness about never only watching the movie of a novel is compromised again. Hope it goes better than with Moby Dick…just can’t get through that one.

    Plans: Rearrange our living room. We found a wonderful re-upholstery shop and saved our 20-year old sofa and wing backed recliners from the landfill. The new fabric has some new colors so enjoying the change which still harmonizes with other existing decor!


    • Dr. Zhivago…such a classic! My father watched it every time it aired on Channel 11 (a local channel that often played classic movies on weekends) and I’ve seen it many times by now, too! I did read the book in college…and I have to admit that I didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as I enjoy the movie. Maybe there’s a better translation out there by now…

      Good luck with the living room! We need to have some re-upholstering done, too…


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