Passing Fancies ~ December 2020

December? Seriously, how did this happen? Bundle up…take good care of yourself…and feel free to share your own current obsessions in the comments.

Reading: Re-reading lots of Shirley Jackson short stories and Dickens’s A Christmas Carol.

Video: Re-watching “Wolf Hall” so I can finally read the latest Hilary Mantel novel.

Audio: Some Christmas standards, but also lots of classic glam rock.

(Tr)eats: Japanese takeout from a new place in our neighborhood.

Drinks: Real hot chocolate.

Garb: Brrr, it got cold out. In the evenings I’ve been wearing leggings and a staff logo sweatshirt that I brought home from my workplace. That’s how things have devolved around here lately. Well, I still manage to look presentable for video meetings and trips out of the house, at least…

Beauty Products: LUSH Lord of Misrule shower gel (black pepper, vanilla, patchouli).

Pleasures: The cats’ whole-hearted and reckless enjoyment of our Christmas decorations.

Plans: Take a few days off. Do some cleaning and organizing. Spend New Year’s Eve video-visiting with our usual circle of local friends; the best we can do, for now!

Image: Henri Meunier, December. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. M15514.13


  1. I’ve got Lord of Misrule in my shower too. My scented shower products are on point right now because this month I cracked open my two year old bottle of Flying Fox and my bar soap is Bruno Fazzolari Black Suede.

    My wardrobe currently revolves around staying warm too. I ordered sweatpants for the the first time in many years, bought a few sweatshirts, and am otherwise staying cozy during work hours in oversized sweaters.


    • Isn’t LoM perfect for chilly days? Ah…Flying Fox, what a gorgeous jasmine, almost animalic (appropriately enough).

      Right now I’m wearing some Uniqlo “loungewear.” Can’t beat it for a chilly night at home…which most/all nights are these days?!

      Be well, S!


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