Passing Fancies ~ February

Reading: Piranesi by Susanna Moore…a new issue of NEZ magazine

Video: The Dig on Netflix, a period drama telling the story of the historic Sutton Hoo excavation of the late 1930s

Audio: Roxy Music

(Tr)eats: I can’t stop eating nuts. I feel like a squirrel. It must be the winter weather.

Drinks: Chamomile tea

Garb: For the past few weeks, my trusty L.L. Bean down coat and “foul weather” boots have been back in circulation

Beauty Products: Samples of lip and cheek colors from Rituel de Fille

Pleasures: I’m hoping my my seasonal indoor/winter allergies will let up soon. That would make everything else more pleasant. Otherwise…good health. For which I’m grateful.

Plans: Get ready for the two big shows opening at work over the next couple of weeks. And finish my own research for a new fragrance class/talk topic (coming soon!).

Image: Theodorus van Hoytema, February 1911. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, 2008.1872

One comment

  1. I spent most of February getting over my covid infection, so I just lay around and watched series. Reading was too exhausting, but hopefully I will start again with The Gray House by Petrosyan


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