Passing Fancies ~ March 2021

Reading: At Dusk by Hwang Sok-Yong

Video: Two French series on Netflix…”Lupin” and “Call My Agent”

Audio: Patti Smith

(Tr)eats: We order delivery for dinner once a week. Last week we ordered from a different local Mexican place than usual and realized that it’s actually much better, so we’ll be calling them again.

Drinks: I haven’t had any alcohol for the past few weeks, since I’ve been taking some extra-strength antihistamines for my ongoing eye-face allergy. So…just water and coffee.

Garb: I have two print blouses (one floral on blue, one purple on black) that I’ve been wearing over and over for the past year, because they look nice on Zoom (waist-up!) and they’re machine washable. I’m so sick of them that I may burn them in a ceremonial fire when things are “back to normal.”

Beauty Products: I have to admit that R+Co hair products are worth the money, darn it. So is Ormonde Jayne Ta’if perfume.

Pleasures: I haven’t subscribed to, or even purchased, any fashion/beauty magazines in…a long time. I just subscribed to one magazine, and I’m somehow receiving (free) issues of another, and I really like the changes I’m seeing in their editorial content these days.

Plans: Just sitting tight and waiting for my category to open up so I can start hunting for a vaccine appointment. In the meantime, spending more time in the park and outside in general.

Image: Theodorus van Hoytema, March 1911. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

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