Passing Fancies ~ April 2021

Reading: After the Winter by Guadalupe Nettel

Video: Finally getting around to enjoying FOSSE/VERDON

Audio: Sad 1970s radio hits while I work during the day. This is a Covid-era thing for me.

(Tr)eats: A big bar of Qantu chocolate. A slice of colorful birthday cake at a young friend’s outdoor birthday party.

Drinks: Too much coffee, with no sign of scaling back!

Garb: The little gray faux-suede jacket that I bought in Savannah in November 2019. It’s perfect for in-between weather and it will always remind me of that pre-Covid trip.

Beauty Products: LUSH Celestial face cream, a longtime favorite, recently got me through a pollen-induced (?) round of itchy, dry skin.

Pleasures: Being vaccinated at the very end of March.

Plans: Outdoor cocktails with special friends. More park walks while the flowering trees are still in bloom. Some cautious visits to perfume boutiques in Manhattan!

Image: Theodorus van Hoytema, April 1911. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

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