Just a quick social-media update

Avon perfume bottle, circa 1960s

In a continuing effort to stay up-to-date, despite the risk of embarrassing myself, I’ve just created a TikTok account.

This development comes just a few short weeks after I publicly mocked a WWD article announcing the rise of perfume-related posts on TikTok. It included the quote, “A huge amount of creativity has gone into talking about how products make you feel, rather than the products themselves.” Hm. Haven’t we all been writing and talking about the way perfume makes us feel…for a very long time? in every conceivable type of media? Maybe they meant that this approach is new to TikTok, rather than an overall innovation in thought and practice. I hope so.

In any case, you can find me over there @perfumeprofessor. You’ll never see me dancing. You probably won’t even hear me speaking. Most likely I’ll just be posting videos of bottles or sample vials of my “scent of the day” or other fragrances that are on my mind, with short captions and music to accompany them. Maybe I’ll even let you know how some of these fragrances make me feel (ahem). If this plan interests you, I’ll see you there soon!

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