Passing Fancies ~ August 2021

Reading: The children’s (but not just for children!) classic The Secret Garden. Bill Cunningham’s memoir Fashion Climbing.

Video: The White Lotus.

Audio: Are you on Clubhouse? Do you join @PerfumePlaydate every Thursday evening at 6 PM? You should!

(Tr)eats: This is the one time of year when I actually get excited about eating vegetables, because there’s so much good local produce available. Peppers, squash, corn, tomatoes! etc.

Drinks: Iced coffee, iced tea.

Beauty Products: Getting back to painting my nails again, as an easy pick-me-up. Cirque’s Fata Morgana and Vanitas are my two favorite shades right now.

Garb: Taking stock of my mask collection. How discouraging, right?! I threw out a few old and/or flimsy ones and now I’m really focusing on the ones I can wear for longer periods of time, like days at the office.

Pleasures: Going to an actual movie theater (the Paris, in Manhattan) to see Whit Stillman’s Metropolitan. (Masked, of course.)

Plans: Who even knows anymore? Get a haircut. Keep reporting to the office for onsite work twice a week. Make outlines for (tentative) fall talks. Fit in some long-overdue medical check-ups.

How has your August been so far? What are you currently enjoying…or having other kinds of feelings about? Feel free to share?

Image: Theodorus van Hoytema, August 1902. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, 2008.1893

One comment

  1. My Groundhog Day continues without much variety – work, more work, streaming video, a little bit of blogging/instagramming (it looks like it’s already a word), work, sleep, repeat. I’m not complaining at all, just stating the fact. What brightens my days is a rediscovered interest in makeup. Another year – and I’ll do eyeshadows like a pro 🙂


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