Passing Fancies ~ September 2021

Reading: The Turnout by Megan Abbott. I’ve read nearly all of Ms. Abbott’s novels. This one is a wild pirouette of a psychological thriller.

Video: “LuLaRich” on Netflix…a documentary about a multi-level-marketing clothing brand (and a cautionary tale of greed and ignorance).

Art: Still thinking about the Niki de Saint Phalle show at MoMA PS1.

(Tr)eats: I just recently enjoyed a black sesame bun and a rose latte at a Korea-town bakery-cafe. For some reason I found that combination really satisfying. Also: the first figs of the season!

Drinks: I’ve brought good coffee beans and a pour-over gadget to work so that I have better options on my office days.

Beauty Products: Helping Hands from LUSH. I’ve been coming back to this dense hand cream over and over since the early 2000s. My crinkly over-washed-and-sanitized hands need it more than ever right now.

Garb: Any “midi”-length dress that looks like something Georgia O’Keeffe might have worn. New black Mary Jane-ish shoes for walking around.

Pleasures: I finally gave my first in-person perfume talk since February 2020 (to a small and very gracious crowd).

Plans: Physical therapy twice a week for the rest of the fall, to deal with a partial shoulder-tendon tear and ongoing neck issues. Better late than never!

Image: Theodorus van Hoytema, September. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, 2008.1895.

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