Passing Fancies ~ October 2021

Reading: Some of the classic Arsène Lupin short stories. Lots of Andy Warhol material for work.

Video: “Midnight Mass” on Netflix. Rewatched “Rosemary’s Baby” for the spooky season — better than ever.

Audio: I’m on one of my periodic Rasputina binges.

Art: “Ravishing: The Rose in Fashion” at F.I.T.

(Tr)eats: Dinners at Tallulah’s and Pop’s Garage in Asbury Park.

Drinks: A special gin cocktail with fruit and floral essences, at a work function. I would have had a second if I hadn’t been on the clock.

Beauty Products: C. O. Bigelow West Village Rose body lotion and Benamor Rose Amelie hand cream.

Garb: Back into my embroidered denim coat and my grey faux-suede jacket — and tights!

Pleasures: Perfect sleeping weather with the windows open. Funny mid-day text conversations with the SoPal gals. A negative Covid test.

Plans: I’m about to refresh some of my favorite fabric face masks with new elastic, which is about as craft-y as I get, and so very Fall 2021, right?

Image: Theodorus van Hoytema, October. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, 2008.1896.

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