Other Products, Other Smells ~ August 2022

This month’s weather has been pretty oppressive, but Revlon reminds us (in this ad from 1954) that “the loveliest thing about a summer heat wave can be cool, unwiltable you.” In an effort to remain “air-conditioned and beauty-conditioned, too,” as Revlon optimistically puts it, here are some recommendations for body products that have helped me get through August.

Korres Olive Shower Gel and Olive Body Cream in Sea Salt: There’s a new Korres boutique in Manhattan, and it offers excellent customer service and some really great incentives. On my last visit, I picked up matching shower gel and body cream with a Sea Salt scent, which I’d describe as “marine” and slightly “mineral” rather than citrus-y or ozonic. I like it a lot.

Coola Scalp & Hair Mist: For some reason, I got really paranoid about sunburn and my hair-part this year, and I ordered this product as a preventive measure. It has a focused nozzle that lets you target your scalp as needed and its “ocean salted sage” fragrance is generically pleasant and doesn’t linger long. This formula felt too sticky to apply to the rest of my hair, but it dried easily on my part and it seems to have offered sufficient top-of-head protection on sunny days.

R + Co. Ring Tone Ultra-Defining Gel Creme: There are just too many over-fragranced hair products that leave me wondering all day why I’m smelling cupcakes or figs or coconuts or some god-awful fake amber perfume. Ring Tone has a light green tea scent that doesn’t bother me in the least, plus it’s an excellent styling product for fine curly hair, PLUS, just look at that label design.

Opulent Blends Hand & Foot Balm: I’m on my second tub of this product, which moisturizes well without feeling greasy. I apply it to my feet all year round but I particularly enjoy its natural peppermint scent at then end of a hot, sticky summer day. An essential item on my bedside table.

Herban Essentials Peppermint Essential Oil Towelettes: When all else fails, and I’m standing on an infernally hot subway platform or at a sun-blasted intersection with no relief in sight and I feel like I’m about to scream and faint simultaneously, I pull out one of these super-minty towelettes and wipe down my arms, neck, legs, and whatever else I can reach. Magic.

How have you been keeping cool lately? Feel free to share some recommendations for hot-weather products that you love.


  1. My retro-loving self almost swooned when I saw R + Co.’s droll Ring Tone label design! I would totally buy that for the bottle! I don’t have any recommendations, but I am glad you mentioned the Coola with sunscreen because I’ve worried about my part, too. Wearing a hat often makes my head too hot so I’m going to check that out.


    • Yes!! and they have a curly-hair shampoo and conditioner named CASSETTE! So keep an eye out for those, too!

      I’ve been carrying a cotton scarf in my bag for sunny days but then, exactly, I’m too hot to wear it. My favorite protection is my Chinatown parasol but I can’t always tote that along with me!


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