Passing Fancies ~ October 2022

Reading: I finally acquired a copy of The Perfume Companion by Sarah McCartney and Samantha Scriven. It’s educational, entertaining, and clever (but never cruel).

Audio: Autumn is always the right time for Nick Drake.

Video: It’s the “spooky season” and I just watched Poltergeist after…how many years? In retrospect, it’s messy but still offers a few legitimate chills.

Tr(eats): Apple cider doughnuts.

Drinks: I was recently on hot chocolate streak for a few days.

Beauty Products: I’ve been trying a few things from a new cosmetics brand named Flyte.70. I should try to write a review, although they’re not fragrance products! Ceremonia Guava Beach Waves spray as a final styling step for my hair.

Garb: Lately I just want to wear black lace every day…sometimes a little, sometimes a lot.

Pleasures: A new phone, after being overdue for an upgrade for two or three years. New glasses that look and feel even better than my old ones.

Plans: An off-season beach weekend. A flu vaccine and a Covid booster!

Image: Irene Fawkes, October (detail), 1928. The Victoria and Albert Museum.

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