Passing Fancies ~ December 2022

Reading: I’m in the middle of Kate Atkinson’s Shrines of Gaiety.

Audio: Christmas music! Mostly the standards, as recorded by everyone from Sinatra to Annie Lennox.

Video: Glass Onion is an entertaining holiday-weekend watch. For actual Christmas viewing, I found a New York City Ballet production of Balanchine’s Nutcracker on YouTube and got immersed in Act 1. (I always found Act 2 less interesting.) Next up: my annual viewing of Whit Stillman’s Metropolitan.

Tr(eats): Leftover Christmas cookies, and we still have a panettone waiting to be opened soon.

Drinks: Eggnog!

Beauty Products: A silvery nail polish from Karma Organic. Some basics from NARS that I had to restock. Extra applications of CeraVe cream for moisture in chilly, windy weather.

Garb: Speaking of the weather, just layers and layers—black sweaters over my dresses, black leg-warmers over my tights, wool socks under my boots. At home, a giant Norwegian wool cardigan over pjs.

Pleasures: It’s been a long time since we put up a fully decorated Christmas tree *and* my grandparents’ Nativity set, but they’re out in all their glory right now. I even sent a few Christmas cards. Maybe more next year?

Plans: Meeting a friend for lunch and a cocktail on Friday. Prepping to host a birthday party. Breaking in a new datebook for 2023!

Image: Lippincott’s December by J. J. Gould. American, 1895. Chromolithograph. 


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