Passing Fancies ~ April 2023

Reading: Shirley Jackson’s The Sundial, picked up at a local used bookstore and home decor shop. Julia Gorton’s NOWHERE NEW YORK.

Audio: NYC No Wave playlists to go with Julia Gorton’s book, above.

Video: BEEF on Netflix. (Not a show about food/restaurants/cooks.)

Art: The weird “where am I” feeling of using my Brooklyn Museum ID card to gain admission to the Frick Collection’s temporary home in the former Whitney Museum building and running into a security guard who recognized me from our shared time at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Anyway, the undiluted visual experience of seeing the Frick’s collections hanging in the relatively neutral spaces of that Breuer building left me with an art high, in a good way.

Tr(eats): Those fancy La Fermière yoghurts, the ones in the little ceramic pots. Leftover Cadbury mini-eggs that I brought back from London.

Drinks: I’m still not 100% sure what a “flat white” is, but I started ordering them in London (where they were everywhere) and now I keep ordering them when I’m out.

Beauty Products: Rituel de Fille lip oils (pre-release samples). Tree Hut Moroccan Rose Body Wash. Nail decals from Lily & Fox!

Garb: The weather has been so variable lately that I have no idea how to dress from day to day. At least my new-ish Doc Martens mary janes, purchased in February, are finally broken in.

Pleasures:  A fresh haircut. Scent events and style events and book events galore. The hope that this spring is finally the beginning of the end of the pandemic. Am I being too optimistic?

Plans: Give my final Mugler scent-tour and my first (independently organized) Met scent tour in May. Celebrate our anniversary with a night out in mid-May. Go for more lunchtime walks in the Botanic Garden.

Image: Lippincott’s April (cropped) by William Carqueville. American, 1895. Chromolithograph. 

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