The Art of Perfume Advertising: Princess Isabelle (1980s) and Monet

This is such a perfectly summery perfume advertisement that I had to post it. I don’t know anything about Princesse Isabelle, or about this fragrance, other than that it seems to be a romantic floral eau de toilette.

What I do know is that Princesse Isabelle selected a painting by Claude Monet for this ad…


It’s Monet’s Jeune fille à l’ombrelle tournée vers la gauche (Essai de figure en plein air), dated 1886, now in the collections of the Musée d’Orsay in Paris (see here for more information).

It’s such an apt choice of image. This is just how a perfume should make its wearer feel in the spring or summer: an impression of flickering light, a cool spot of shade, a crisp white dress, with no extraneous detail or narrative to distract from the sheer sensory pleasure of that moment.


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One comment

  1. Its been ages that I’ve been searching for this perfume called PRINCESS ISABELLE, I was gifted a tester when I was a little girl. I’ve searched all over but never found it again. I just tried a random search today and came across this picture. If you have any idea as to where the is available please let me know. Thank you.
    Erica S.


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