Passing Fancies ~ September 2017


Reading: Amerikanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Video: Ken Burns’s “The Vietnam War” on PBS

Audio: I’m having a Psychedelic Furs revival-moment

Art: Learning a little bit about the arts of Korea this fall

Drink: Free iced coffee from Lavazza at the Brooklyn Book Festival (thanks, Lavazza!)

Eats & Treats: NJ apples from the farmers market

Garb: Bringing some vintage-y rhinestone barrettes back into circulation, since they’re on-trend again and I need a little sparkle to keep me going

Beauty Products: A few skincare products from Gülsha, all infused with rose oil

Pleasure: Watching my in-house author get started on the promotional events for his first book

Worry: Grief over the loss of our sweet cat M.


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