A Monday Sentiment and A Vintage Cat/Perfume Ad


It’s been a sad few days for me, because I recently had to say farewell to Margaret, my constant companion of the past 17 years. She was the sweetest, snuggliest cat I’ve ever met. I’ll miss her terribly.

This is an 1880s trade card for Dr. Thompson’s Celebrated Eye Water, but I like to imagine that the girl is sharing one of her favorite perfumes with her cat. (The larger bottle on the shelf behind her may indeed contain some kind of Eau de Cologne or other toilet water.)

Hug your furry friends tight today.



  1. Jessica, deepest sympathy on the loss of a good friend! Pets are so wonderful, especially cats, and we’re so fortunate to be their humans, but it’s so difficult that they just don’t live long enough. I’m really sorry for your loss.


  2. I’m so sorry for your loss! Pets become our family members, and it is awful that we have to part with them – even though we know it would happen even before we welcome that kitten or puppy in our home.
    I hope you have a lot of warm memories about Margaret.


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