The best-laid plans…


Well, I had a little accident when I was home on Columbus Day: I slipped on the stairs (at home), took a tumble, and broke my ankle. I’ll have to stay off that leg for the next four weeks or so. Every single little thing is hard to do right now, but friends and family are helping out.

This rules out all my plans for the rest of October and probably much of November, but I just have to follow doctor’s orders…

Meanwhile, my usual blogging may be a bit off-schedule. Posts may be few and far between if I’m coping with pain issues. On the other hand, if I get more comfortable after a bit, or even if I’m trying to fill some sleepless nights, I may post more frequently while I’m lying here. We shall see.

Image: Sigourney Weaver as Katharine Parker in “Working Girl.” Not pictured here: her bottle of Shalimar.


  1. Bummer!!!! May I suggest taking the supplement MSM (available at health food stores) to help your healing. As a horseshoer (farrier) and lifelong horse girl, I’ve had LOTS of injuries, and I (and my horses) swear by this stuff. Inexpensive. Decreases inflammation. Increases circulation and healing. Hope that helps :)) Dawn

    btw, my favorite fragrance is IF by Apothecary — are you familiar with it?


    • I will definitely ask someone to pick this up for me! This is my first-ever injury of this sort, so I’m figuring things out. Sigh.

      Yes!! IF is a cult classic! I also remember liking Velvet Rope by the same brand. I wonder whether that one is still around…

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      • There must be a reason for inner reflection right now . . . enjoy the ‘down time’ as best as you can :))

        (I’m starting to panic a bit about IF — I last found it on E-Bay, and the fancy stores I used to get it in stopped carrying it . . . I’m running low on it now, and hoping I can still find it!)

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  2. I am sorry that you had an accident and broke your ankle. Please take care of yourself and follow doctor’s orders. I hope you get some sleep and wish you a speedy recover. I look forward to your posts whether they be few and far between or numerous as I enjoy your blog.


  3. Ugh, so sorry! Just got over a fractured shoulder which necessitated 7 weeks in a sling and sleeping sitting up. Tripped on my own pants cuff in the kitchen. I feel your pain, no….seriously! It’ll be over before you know it! Meanwhile lots of reading, Netflix/Amazon Prime. I used non-thc over the counter cannabis cream for pain, and it worked well without the “getting high” aspect.


    • Thank you, FW! It’s good to know I’m not the only one who had one of these inexplicable home accidents…and I’m definitely looking forward to some Netflix and reading once I’m a little less uncomfortable and more settled in to my new couch HQ! argh! 🙂


  4. Take it slow and let yourself heal properly: those injuries might linger if not taken seriously. Take all the help you can get – and then some.

    I hope you’ll feel a little better with every next day.


  5. Oh no! I’m another one who had a broken shoulder, two years ago — like Fragrant Wanderer, spent several weeks in a sling and could only sleep in a “medi-lift” chair. Ironically, I broke it when I tripped and fell outside Les Senteurs in London. Get lots of rest and sleep! I also consumed huge amounts of bone-building calcium, vitamins and protein, which helped the healing. Feel better soon!


  6. How awful to hear about your accident! I hope you take plenty of time to rest and heal! Perhaps it will turn into an opportunity to do some fun things you wouldn’t have done otherwise, like reading 🙂


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