When it rains, it pours. I’m still grieving for our sweet cat M., but there have been a few additional and unfortunate distractions: debit card fraud, a bad cold, and then a stupid slip-and-fall at home that has left me with a broken ankle.

I’m moving in a very slow and small orbit lately, so my “currently” list isn’t very exciting. Nonetheless…


Reading: Hazel Gaynor, The Cottingley Secret

Video: Finally watching some movies that have been hovering in my Netflix list for a while, e.g. Big Eyes, Carol, and Whatever Happened, Miss Simone?

Audio: One of my friends made a Spotify playlist of our high school years!

Art: The big catalogue for the traveling exhibition David Bowie is

Drink: Lots of sparkling water. I don’t need any of that LaCroix stuff; Stop & Shop generic “Italian mineral water” is fine with me.

Eats & Treats: Apples. Protein bars. Cereal with strawberries. Hot prepared food from the local Italian bakery/pizzeria. Since I’m semi-immobile, everything needs to be easy right now.

Garb: Ditto on the “easy.” Yoga pants. Big comfy t-shirts. Anything that works around this big ugly cast on my left leg. Not my usual style at all!

Beauty Products: Hahah. I haven’t even really looked in the mirror in the past week. Relying on comforting basics from LUSH: Dream Cream lotion on hands and arms, Celestial cream on face, Rose Lollipop balm on mouth. Another favorite: Heritage Rosewater, sprayed on my face and all around me.

Pleasure:  Family and friends who have been helping me out in moments of need.

Worry:  My fibula, obviously. Just hoping hard that I’ll be a fast healer.