Scratch ‘n’ Sniff: “Moodie” Stickers with a Perfume Theme (1983)


Were scratch ‘n’ sniff stickers popular when you were in grade school?

They were certainly a craze at my school for a year or two, and I owned a small album where I carefully arranged my own collection of colorful aromatic decals. If these “Extravagant Moodies” had been available, I would have loved them…

Moodies was a brand produced by Kent Toys in the early 1980s. Moodies-branded merchandise included plush dolls and other small toys featuring the blobby little personified emotions, as well a a sheet of stickers for each character.

“Extravagant” Moodie is purple (a color with long associations of status and wealth!) and perfume bottles are included (along with diamonds, furs, and bubble bath) as indicators of her (?) self-indulgence!

According to the site Bubbledog, Moodie stickers were available in nine different moods, with appropriate scents — cinnamon for the “Angry Moodie,” baby powder for the “Innocent Moodie,” etc.

The Extravagant scent is described simply as “perfume” — we can only guess what that was meant to be. A floral blend? Maybe I should buy a sheet of these stickers on eBay and find out.

Image via eBay.


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