A Fall Fragrance Fantasy: Prince Matchabelli Golden Autumn (1958)


Every fall season should include days like this, with companionable strolls down leaf-strewn paths under brilliant foliage and clear skies.

This advertisement for Prince Matchabelli Golden Autumn was published in 1964. I wish I could get closer to see the details of the couple’s outfits — sweaters? tweeds? — but even without sharper resolution, the mood is clearly conveyed…

Binghamton NY Press and Sun-Bulletin Sept 19 1958.png

Here’s an advertisement from the Binghamton Press and Sun-Bulletin from September 19, 1958, introducing Golden Autumn as a new “Fall classic.”

This illustration, from Sisson’s department store, gives us a look at the “leaf-emblazoned” packaging. I love the woman’s head draped in fallen leaves, with the Matchabelli “crown” hovering just above.

I haven’t been able to track down an official description of Golden Autumn’s notes, just some conflicting lists of notes on different fragrance sites. I’m imagining a spicy amber scent, warm but not heavy.

What perfume do you think you’ll be wearing most often this fall? Feel free to share in the comments!



  1. If I recall correctly (and that’s a big if), Jeffrey Dame’s Long Lost Perfumes made a re-creation of Golden Autumn back in the ’00s. I feel like I owned, or at least saw, a mini of it at one time.

    As for what I’ll be wearing this autumn, it will be a lineup of old favorites: L’Artisan Bois Farine, PG Praliné de Santal, Hermès L’Ambre des Merveilles, Chanel No. 19 EDT (which has a mild leather note that I don’t get from any of the other formulations) … and maybe Duality, another LLP scent, which is a re-creation of Anne Klein II.


  2. I wore this scent in the 60s. I loved it and wish it was still being made. It was a heavier scent, thus the autumnal reference. I have really good memories of this scent.


  3. Oh how I loved this perfume !! I miss it terribly and wish I find a reputable company that recreates the scent. ( There is one but it’s had 117 complaints with BBB so that is out !) And too pricey on ebay. I used buy at least 6 bottles so it would last me from year to year. And Cachet !! Miss them both….sigh


  4. I never heard of it, but it sounds very nice! In high school and college, I wore Prince Machabelli’s Wind Song. Loved it! I agree with scents no longer being made. I wore Jessica McClintock for many summers, but now it’s been discontinued. So sad.


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