Passing Fancies ~ November 2019


Reading: Just started Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, because I’ve never read it and I’m preparing for a trip to Savannah.

Audio: I recently watched a documentary about the Laurel Canyon sound of the mid-60s. It was a mediocre sort of film, but now I’m listening to various bands from that era and remembering how much I love The Byrds.

Video: Waiting for The Irishman to come to Netflix…

Art: French Women, Fashion, and the First World War at Bard Graduate Center.

Eats & Treats: At home we recently started using a pizza stone that some friends gave us a while ago. It’s amazing. Thanks, L and B!

Drink: Lemon-ginger tea for my current headcold.

Garb: Thanks to Trix, who invited me along to the Boden sample sale, I have a couple of new print dresses.

Beauty Products: ‘Tis the season for H Is for Love NECTAR facial oil!

Pleasure: Cold-weather cat-snuggling.

Plan: Visit two NYC friends at their respective perfume-boutique workplaces…soon!

Image: Hegedius Geiger, November. Circa 1900. Chromolithograph with metallic pigment on card stock. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Leonard A. Lauder Postcard Archive—Gift of Leonard A. Lauder. 2012.6843.11


  1. Have you been to Savannah before? It’s a great city, lots of wonderful food and history. It has been many years since I read “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”, but I thoroughly enjoyed it!


  2. My deepest sympathy on your loss. I wanted to share something that I just shared on Best Things in Beauty. Wouldn’t it be great if the perfume and beauty communities established an annual Gaia’s Day? On Gaia’s Day, one could give what one could (money, time, a signature on a petition, etc.) to an animal welfare charity and then signify the donation by spritzing on a beautiful scent.


      • I’m glad you like the idea. When I spot her there, I’m going to tell Mamavalveeta03 on Kim France’s GOACA. (I know Mamavalveeta03 commented on BTiB, but I’m not sure if she spotted my comment. Plus, she knows me by another initial. Hey, what I can say, I was an English major and love initials in names.) Besides the very nurturing makeup artist Mamavalveeta03, I suspect there’s audience overlap with your blog and NST reviews, The Non-Blonde, and GOACA who might be interested in giving some oxygen if this idea sparks with others.

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