Pandemic Perfume Diaries (Week 3)

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It’s April…and there isn’t much news to share, other than that my household is staying safe and sound. I hope yours is, too.

And I’m continuing my project of indulging in fragrances that I’d never wear to the office. This is a silver lining of “working from home”…

When I looked over my list for the past week, I realized that I haven’t actually reviewed any of these perfumes—not because I don’t like them (I do!!) but because someone else always beat me to it.

Please check out the links below to find out what my fellow aromaphiles Robin, Angela, and Victoria said!


Aroma M Geisha Violet

Geisha Violet isn’t a particularly “loud” fragrance, but its quirky mix of white florals and bitter chocolate makes it feel more appropriate for weekends than workdays. It’s a roll-on perfume oil that stays close to my skin and makes me smile whenever I catch a whiff of it.

Victoria reviewed Geisha Violet on EauMG…see here!


Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Eau de Parfum

I’ve been wearing this perfume since its early years, when it was known simply as “Jean Paul Gaultier.” The Eau de Parfum is my favorite concentration, since it comes across a little more floral and less vanillic than the Eau de Toilette…but I love this scent in any form.

You can read Robin’s review on Now Smell This.

Serge Lutens La Fille.jpg

Serge Lutens La Fille de Berlin

La Fille de Berlin falls into the “too dramatic for the office” category. It’s a rich spiced rose with hints of violet and plum and a musky drydown, a Gothic diva of a rose perfume.

You can read Robin’s review here, on Now Smell This.

Guerlain Nahema.jpg

Guerlain Nahéma

Another spicy rose, in a more classical vein. I’ve owned a bottle of Nahéma Eau de Parfum, purchased from some online discounter, for more than a decade…and I’ve yet to make much of a dent in it, because I can only wear it sparingly.

Angela at Now Smell This also loves this one…see here!


A Lab on Fire What We Do In Paris Is Secret

And every few days I find myself reaching for a scent that’s fun and sweet and comforting because it doesn’t make too many demands on me. What We Do In Paris Is Secret is all of the above, yet it’s a sophisticated and well-made gourmand, not dumbed-down at all.

Robin and I have very different tastes, but she likes this one too. Check out her review on NST.

Let me know what you’ve been wearing lately in the comments!


  1. I am glad to be reminded about using a favorite perfume sparingly, as you mention with your Nahema. I learned (from Clinique Aromatics in White for one) that a light touch helps me better notice the development of notes in some perfumes. Otherwise I prefer to overspray and then the notes fight it out, I guess. Hooray for loud perfumes! Hope everyone is healthy and maybe we will start to flatten the curve soon.


    • I still haven’t tried Aromatics in White! I have a co-worker who wears Aromatics well (if a *little* too generously, perhaps) and I always enjoy catching a trace of it in the hallways. Sometimes less is more!

      Stay well!


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