Pandemic Perfume Diaries (Week 4)

Corday 1937.jpg

Last Friday I realized that one month has passed since my workplace closed. It seems much longer…or not that long at all. Time is all askew.

I found myself craving comfort scents last week, rather than big dramatic roses. Here are a few of the perfumes I sprayed while staying home…

TdN Villoresi.jpg

Lorenzo Villoresi Teint de Neige

Teint de Neige was one of my first loves in niche fragrance. It smells like a spilled canister of  sweetly scented talcum powder. When I wear it, I can never decide whether I feel like a Belle Epoque courtesan or a very fancy Italian baby. Either way, this is a love/hate perfume, and I love it.

I waxed poetic about Teint de Neige on Now Smell This way back in 2011; see here.

Screen Shot 2020-04-11 at 1.29.10 PM.png

Dawn Spencer Hurwitz Winter White

DSH’s catalogue is immense, but I keep circling back to this gourmand skin musk when I need something that’s the olfactory equivalent of an angora sweater. I own a decant of the Voile de Parfum concentration, which feels almost moisturizing on the skin.

A few years ago, I wrote on Now Smell This that it “makes me think of snow, cream, and white chocolate.”


Hermetica Amberbee

Hermetica is the trendier younger sibling to the niche house of Memo Paris. I don’t think Hemetica’s offerings are necessarily masterpieces of perfumery, but I like them as weekend choices when I need something bright and energetic. Amberbee is a unisex citrus-honey-incense blend that wears easily.

I reviewed a few other Hermetica fragrances last year on NST.

1948 Farnesiana

Caron Farnesiana

I almost cried when I wore Farnesiana on Thursday — it had already been a frustrating week, and then this beautiful perfume reminded me of long-ago days spent shopping for perfume with certain dear friends, none of whom I’ve seen in ages, not to mention that most of those boutiques and department stores are now shuttered permanently. And Farnesiana has been discontinued.

If you want to join me in my sorrow and nostalgia, you can go back to see what I wrote about Farnesiana on NST here.

Drole de Rose

L’Artisan Parfumeur Drôle de Rose

Last, but certainly not least: Drôle de Rose, another longtime love. It’s a delicate nosegay of rosebuds and candied violets, with touches of honey and almond. Although L’Artisan Parfumeur has never categorized its fragrances by gender, Drôle de Rose could be described as “girlish.”

Robin didn’t fall as hard for it (she’s not a rosebud kind of gal), but here’s a link to her review on Now Smell This.

Other good-smelling products I’ve been using this week include Papier d’Armenie burning papers (the best $7 you can spend on home fragrance), Moon Valley Organics Juicy Blackberry Beeswax Lip Balm (my mouth area feels sort of dry lately), and a stray LUSH Butterbear Shower Jelly (in keeping with the comfort theme).

How about you?


  1. I can relate to your choices! I don’t wear fragrance every day, but lately when I have it’s been some sort of “comfort scent.”

    Most recently I’ve rediscovered L’Artisan Vanille Absolument, which reminds me of rum-tinged rice pudding or maybe rum raisin ice cream. It’s powdery, too, more so than I recalled.

    I’ve also been wearing heady soliflores like Ava-Luxe Roses and DSH Tubéreuse at bedtime to transport me somewhere calmer and more beautiful and soothe me to sleep.

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    • I remember really liking L’Artisan Vanille Absolument (which went through a name-change, right?) — that rum/tobacco part made it really interesting! and I still own some AL Roses, ahhhh!


    • Baiser Vole sounds like a lovely lily-themed pick for Easter!! My college roommate wore Cristalle sometimes and that’s how I was introduced to it…a beauty.


  2. Time is all askew: yes! Our office had a Zoom meeting today and I got to wave at people I have worked with for 3, 5 , and a dozen years but haven’t seen in weeks. Sigh. However we are looking at ways to get back to work so that was happy. Perfume -wise, for vintage – ish I have enjoyed a cloud of Apercu today. Other scents in the last five days are LPRN edt Floral scooped up from Fragnet along with *Nahema* for my retail therapy moment. I did EL Beyond Paradise too; it was a big fad of mine for a while and I still love the honeysuckle note. Thanks for the reminder of Cristalle. I have a mini somewhere I will look up. Best wishes for good health to all😸.

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    • I hate being on camera (in any form) but I do like seeing coworkers on Zoom, so it’s worth it! Sigh indeed. I don’t think I’ve ever tried Aprecu…but congratulations on your Nahema score!! Stay well!


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