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Greetings! As we head into Week Six of isolation (or shelter-in-place, or lockdown — I still can’t remember what our official status is), I’m managing to work out a new routine. Every day I work remotely from about 10 AM to 6 PM, with a break for lunch and some shorter pauses for coffee and chats with the cats.

Sometimes I put on a dress and jewelry and do all my makeup. Sometimes I’m attired a little more…casually. The one constant is still that I’m always wearing perfume. Here’s a sampling of last week’s choices…

Ormonde Jayne Vanille.jpg

Ormonde Jayne Vanille d’Iris

As I recently told my friend Marianne lately, I’ve been trying to make the term “fleurmand” (floral gourmand) catch on for a long time. Vanille d’Iris is a perfect example of this sub-genre: elegant, peppery orris plus notes of soft amber and sophisticated vanilla. It made me feel instantly more polished when I wore it one day last week.

Robin at Now Smell This reviewed it in 2016.

Mugler Miroir.jpg

Thierry Mugler Dis-Moi, Miroir

And it seems to have been my week for fleurmands, because I also pulled out this hard-to-find limited edition from Thierry Mugler. Part of a five-fragrance collection called “Miroir, Miroir,” Dis-Moi, Miroir is a blend of powdery orange blossom and milky lilies. It’s sweet yet slightly weird.

The collection was mentioned on Now Smell This here.


Bond no. 9 West Side

Eek, that bottle. Sometimes, though, you really can’t judge a book by its cover or a perfume by its bottle. West Side is a plush rose-vanilla-sandalwood fleurmand (yes! I’m OWNING this term) that brings back happy memories of visiting the Bond no. 9 flagship boutique with some very dear friends. My bottle still smells great. I hope this fragrance hasn’t been reformulated lately.

You can read Robin’s review for NST here.


Calvin Klein Euphoria

I remember trying Euphoria at the Lord & Taylor flagship (now closed, alas!) when it was released. I bought a bottle on the spot. I still like it. Sure, it’s somewhat inspired by Angel, and its bottle is really clumsily designed, but Euphoria just smells good on me. And sometimes that’s enough.

Robin reviewed it on Now Smell This in 2006.

Screen Shot 2020-04-18 at 6.43.50 PM.png

Arquiste Misfit

Long ago, or so it seems (February?), I visited Carlos Huber’s Greenwich Village apartment to learn about the newest Arquiste fragrance. We chatted about Misfit…and about some related topics of art and history.

I hope things like that will happen again someday. In the meantime, I’m writing a review of Misfit for Now Smell This. I’ll update here when it’s posted.

What are you wearing, and where do you wish you could go with that fragrance?

Top illustration by Roberto Martínez Baldrich​