Pandemic Perfume Diaries (Week 6)

Avon assorted.jpg

How are you doing today?

On Saturday the sun appeared over the New York City metro area and I was able to sit outside for a couple hours, just reading and drinking coffee and editing a PowerPoint on my laptop. That was a treat.

As I’m writing this post, it’s raining again. All the same, I’ve been trying to welcome Spring through my recent fragrance choices…

Serge Lutens Majeste.png

Serge Lutens Sa Majesté La Rose

I own a carded sample of this fragrance (not the “bell jar” pictured above!) and I pull it out once in a while so I can try it again and admire it. It’s somehow not quite “me,” and I can’t figure out why, since it’s a true rose with notes of honey and greenery and it should be right up my proverbial alley. It’s a beauty, though. A must-try if you’re a rose-lover, even though it’s no longer available in the “regular” (less $$$) bottle.

I like Victoria’s review of this fragrance on Bois de Jasmin.

Aftelier Secret.jpg

Aftelier Secret Garden

Early spring always feels like the right time to wear an all-botanical fragrance or two. Mandy Aftel’s Secret Garden balances radiant jasmine and fruit notes with something a little shadowy and spicy in the base. Plus, it lasts well on my skin, which isn’t always the case with natural perfumes.

Angela reviewed it for Now Smell This.

Malle En Passant.png

Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle En Passant

A contemporary classic that embodies Spring without being trite or juvenile, En Passant is perfumer Olivia Giacobetti’s breezy evocation of a stroll past a florist shop and a bakery on a spring day. Lilac and wheat might sound like a weird combination, but in her hands, it’s perfection.

Robin wrote about En Passant on Now Smell This back when the blog was still in its infancy!

DSH Belle Saison.jpg

DSH Perfumes La Belle Saison

This week I uncovered a partially full sample vial of La Belle Saison, an all-natural lilac perfume from Dawn Spencer Hurwitz. I feel guilty about mentioning perfumes that might no longer be available, but damn, this one is lovely.

I did review it on NST — four years ago?!

YSP Paris JR.jpg

Yves Saint Laurent Paris Jardins Romantiques

This was also a limited edition, but I think you could still track it down online if you tried. YSL used to do a really nice job with these annual spring flankers for their iconic Paris. I’ve never been able to carry off the original Paris, but Jardins Romantiques is a sheerer, more lilac-focused iteration that’s still perfume-y yet much more user-friendly.

I included it in a Spring Fragrances round-up on NST in 2008.

Lilac seems to have been a theme for me over the past week! Let’s see what happens over the next few days…


  1. It’s time to rotate the bottles on my dresser and bring out some of these perfect spring scents.

    When I wear Paris Jardins Romantiques, I invariably decide later that I got a little carried away. It has more presence and staying power than one might expect of a lighthearted spring floral. Next time I’ll spritz more judiciously. 🙂

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  2. I didn’t get out for many walks last week because of rain, but this Saturday I saw that the lilacs are blooming. I will see if I can discreetly snag some this week. I will have to wear a lilac perfume the next day or two, but I have already decided on La Myrrhe today. Oh, and I signed up for your lecture on Thursday, Jessica! Looking forward to it.


    • Oh yay! If you post a comment, be sure to let me know it’s you! Not sure yet what I’m wearing today, scent-wise…the rain is getting me down a little bit.


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