Caron 1969

actual footage of our wedding day lol

Today my husband and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary. We both took the afternoon off from our work-from-home schedules and enjoyed a leisurely walk around our neighborhood and a local park (the sun was out!), take-out dinner and dessert from a local Italian restaurant, an exchange of small gifts related to the traditional anniversary motif for this year, and the conclusion to a mystery we’ve been watching on Netflix.

In some ways (the face masks, the social distancing from all other humans) , it was a bizarre twist on our usual anniversary celebration and in other ways it was a very typical and familiar observance of the date. (And anything familiar is especially comforting right now!)

I wore Caron Bellodgia (Ernest Daltroff, 1927) on our wedding day. Caron has gone through too many changes over the past decade-plus, including a terrible reformulation of Bellodgia. I have a terrible feeling that Caron may not even make this fragrance — its longtime best-seller — anymore. I have just a bit left and I save it for days like today.

Image: Caron Bellodgia advertisement from 1969