An Anniversary Note

Caron 1969
actual footage of our wedding day lol

Today my husband and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary. We both took the afternoon off from our work-from-home schedules and enjoyed a leisurely walk around our neighborhood and a local park (the sun was out!), take-out dinner and dessert from a local Italian restaurant, an exchange of small gifts related to the traditional anniversary motif for this year, and the conclusion to a mystery we’ve been watching on Netflix.

In some ways (the face masks, the social distancing from all other humans) , it was a bizarre twist on our usual anniversary celebration and in other ways it was a very typical and familiar observance of the date. (And anything familiar is especially comforting right now!)

I wore Caron Bellodgia (Ernest Daltroff, 1927) on our wedding day. Caron has gone through too many changes over the past decade-plus, including a terrible reformulation of Bellodgia. I have a terrible feeling that Caron may not even make this fragrance — its longtime best-seller — anymore. I have just a bit left and I save it for days like today.

Image: Caron Bellodgia advertisement from 1969



  1. Happy anniversary! We’ll be coming to the two decade mark in July. I didn’t wear perfume on our wedding day, but I got my first grownup lady perfumes during our honeymoon in my home state. It was a sampler set from Bourbon French Parfums. I favored Bourbon French’s Sans Nom, Perfume of Paradise, and La Pluie. (Though, vetiver lovers have to try their famous Kus Kus.) The New York metropolitan area and the New Orleans metropolitan area share a special historical connection that you no doubt know about it. So, let me raise a virtual glass and give you this anniversary toast: “In years to come, may visits to kindred cities resume.”


    • What a lovely perfumed story! Might I virtually raise and clink a glass as I wish our Professor a happy anniversary too? *smiles* (And, I have happy memories of friendship with a Sophie Newcomb student from Yonkers who introduced me to the great city of New Orleans.)


    • I have very happy memories of a visit to New Orleans, two years after Hurricane Katrina…we stayed at a B&B in the Marigny and we enjoyed the city so much. The food, the music, the shops (including Bourbon French!). I really hope we’ll able to return someday!


  2. I also will say that I can’t be sure I had a wedding day perfume..that would be almost 35 years ago…but it was either White Linen or Je Reviens if I did. I will add Bellodgia to my test list. The reviews around the web put it in my wheelhouse. Oh that picture is great and I want to put my hair in sleek ponytails.


    • I don’t think I’ve ever seen this ad before — it just came up in a search this week so I grabbed it. I do love that particular romantic late-60s style!


  3. Great….congrats for these long years of togetherness! I am really happy to learn about this little happy romantic celebration of your anniversary. Caron Bellodgia is definitely a great choice; I really love the fragrance…


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