Passing Fancies ~ June 2020


Reading: Just finished W. G. Sebald’s The Rings of Saturn.

Audio: The Cure, especially The Top.

Video: Tell Me Who I Am on Netflix. (Intense.) Never Have I Ever. (Warm-hearted.)

Never Have I Ever
Never Have I Ever

Eats & Treats: Superiority Burger gelato. Ripe cherries and strawberries.

Drink: I had a really good “Stormy Mojito” on my birthday.

Garb: Two flowy (and machine-washable) Indian-style dresses from the Anna Sui x Uniqlo collection.

Beauty Products: Between the humidity and the unprecedented lag between salon visits, I need to tame my hair more than usual. Digging out my bottles of DevaCurl Styling Cream and Garnier Fructis Curl Sculpt Conditioning Cream Gel.

Pleasure: We’ve tried one or two socially distanced outdoor chats with local friends, just two of them and two of us. Baby steps!

Plans: Spend more time outside. Eat more gelato. Maybe find a meditation app with a voice that doesn’t irritate me, thus defeating the purpose!

Image: Henri Meunier, June. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. M15514.7


  1. I don’t know if he has any meditation apps per se, but Rolf Sovik’s voice works for me. I got a CD of his years ago and burned the track I liked best onto a separate CD. (Thus, if I’m having trouble sleeping, I can play that single track and not have to get up to stop it afterwards.) I believe he has assorted meditations on Youtube so you could check him out there.


  2. I have yet to find a relaxing meditation or mindfulness recording, so please report what you find. Obviously there wil be more to pick from in English than in Norwegian or Swedish.

    Strawberries is a must in summer here in Norway, so good!

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